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Our Favorite Things | Things and What Elsepaper clip

... and the kitchen sink

Sometimes we have other favorite things beside books,  these things make our classrooms run smoother, and sometimes they make our lives  just plain fun!  Keep watching for some of our favorites.

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The CAFE Book

We couldn’t resist this being one of our featured favorites! Our new book, the Café Book , is now available! This simply HAD to be our favorite, as we believe it pulls all of our years (and years and years) of teaching experience together, making our assessment and instruction focused, intentional, and purposeful. When we meet with our students, we must be able to assess them accurately and thoroughly and then implement teaching based on their needs. So, yes, this is our favorite and we’re sure it will be yours as well! For more information click here or visit www.stenhouse.com.

For more tips and countless resources, please check out our site The Daily Cafe.

The First CAFE Book

Clark was the very first person to purchase a copy of our new book The CAFE Book. He even got a copy before we did. Thanks for letting us touch it, Clark!

Artificial Plants

It’s a simple thing really, but artificial plants and trees are not only maintenance free, but add life and peacefulness to any classroom. Best of all they are an attractive way to hide unsightly cords or add dimension and depth to empty space. Check out how this visually gifted teacher uses trees and plants (found at garage sales) in her classroom in our Simply Fun section!

Classroom 5


Wooden Checkmarks

Giving children a tool to help remind them of a job can be a very effective way to help them stay focused.  When children are new to Check for Understanding, the tangible wooden check-marks serve as a kinesthetic reminder of their important reading role.  One of Joan’s talented and generous parents made wooden ones for her, but prior to having them we’ve used cardboard, laminated tag board, even Fun Foam from the craft store.
We were recently contacted by Mike Bayer as he is now cutting wooden checkmarks for teachers to purchase to use for Check for Understanding in their classrooms.  He even has different sizes!  Since so many of you have inquired about these wooden check marks, we are happy to pass along his contact info. He can be reached via email at mbayer@bayerwood.com or by calling 1-800-323-0817.





Past Favorites
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Jana Fitzpatrick

After all these years in the teaching profession, I now have time for my family after school AND better yet, I am teaching all my students effectively!

— Jana Fitzpatrick




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