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2 Sisters

Gail and Joan doing what they do... and loving it.

Real life sisters, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser are known by the teachers they’ve worked with in Washington state and throughout the country as  researched, strategic, and fun.  Their reflective practice and combined experience of +40 years has led to the development of The Daily 5™, a structure for fostering literacy independence in the elementary grades.  They are nationally known consultants who passionately share their expertise creating beautiful spaces for learning in classrooms, assessment-driven instruction and meaningful literacy.

These sisters grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington in the small community of Colton.  Being raised on a wheat farm as part of a large close-knit family has certainly helped shape the fabric of these sisters.  Two of six children, they have always had a special bond and to this day enjoy spending time together and with each other’s families.  Gail and Joan love to work together and are the best of friends, which is evident if you spend even just a few minutes with them.

Known for great fun and high energy, they are equally happy and comfortable in a classroom filled with children, speaking in front of hundreds of teachers, cheering for Gail’s girls at sporting events, camping with the family or whipping up a batch of the famous family “Moser Caramels.” 

Gail Moser Boushey

Gail reading Gail is currently a literacy coach working alongside K-6 teachers in her building.  “The trusting relationship that exists between coach and colleague is the foundation for powerful change in buildings.”  Together, she and classroom teachers collaborate to make instruction meaningful, individualized, and successful for all students.

Gail is married to Doug, and is a supportive mom to three beautiful daughters.  She is known for her gentle ways, quick wit, and incredible flexibility.

Joan Moser

Joan reading Joan is currently a K-2 teacher who juggles the role with the energy and humor it demands.  If you were to poke your head into her classroom, you would undoubtedly find her sitting on the floor with one or more children, deeply conferring and celebrating learning. 

Joan is married to Dean, and mother to Tana and Cooper... their golden retriever and cavachon.  She is known for her vibrant personality, infectious laugh, and love for dogs and children.



Carolyn Rembert

"Our work with “The Sisters” has been a “breath of fresh air.” 

Staff are excited and rejuvenated by the opportunity to see research translated into classroom practice.

Vibrant and energetic, Joan and Gail bring the "real life” expertise of educators that are involved with children on a daily basis.  Through our staff development, they have helped us to be more thoughtful about assessments.  We have learned to use assessments in planning instruction. 

Learning the management strategies important to small group instruction in an interactive classroom, our students become excited engaged learners. 

It has been an exciting journey for our staff and for our school community."

— Carolyn Rembert
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