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The Daily Cafe

Our greatest joy is time spent in classrooms with our students. When we present to our friends and colleagues, we know our ideas work because we try them out and refine them in our own practice every day. We aren't ready to leave the classroom for work as full-time consultants, because the daily connection to teachers and kids still drives our own learning.

We are thrilled with how well our work has been received and get great pleasure from meeting and training teachers all over the world. However, our beloved side hobby has begun to outrun our ability to keep up. Questions and comments from colleagues around the world are really important to us. That's why we've developed our new website, The Daily CAFE, which will allow us to stay grounded in local schools and still present our systems for classroom management and literacy assessment to anyone who is interested. Because we are works-in-progress, this website will show how our own thinking changes and grows as we continue to work with children and respond to the concerns you raise.

We have been developing videos and print downloads for the Daily CAFE for over a year - it is a website designed with you, our colleagues, in mind. We wish we had access to something like this when we were first trying out The Daily 5 and The Literacy CAFE Menu.
We've hired professional video crews to capture our work with children, because if you are visual learners like we are, it helps to see ideas in action before trying them yourself.

We've gathered hundreds of questions from those of you who have written to us for advice. We hope to use this website to answer the concerns that come up in classrooms everyday: What about kindergarten? Can the Daily 5 work with sixth graders? How can we apply your classroom design principles when the the codes in our district are so strict?

CAFE is an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary, but it's also an image we are trying to capture - we want to create a virtual cafe, where you can grab a cup of coffee, log on, and receive a little advice and encouragement when you need it most.

We believe teachers deserve the best, so we've invested substantially over the past 18 months in professional video crews, surveys of teachers who use the Daily 5, and development of written materials. New videos and features are added weekly.

To learn more about the Daily Cafe, go to

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"The Daily Cafe is an amazing web site!  It's the best of professional development right at my fingertips! 
Watching the videos, reading the articles, and downloading the new resources that are available each week has deepened my understanding of using the Daily 5 and CAFE menu as a guide for instruction.  
I can better meet the needs of the students in my classroom because Gail and Joan have created a system for literacy instruction that makes sense and they generously share their knowledge through the Daily 

Thank you for the wonderful site!  I love it!"

Allen Avenue School